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In this division You will find contact information about LLC Logistic GROUP offices, applying to which we can order equipment, as well receive detailed information against production and services.

LLC Logistic Group Central office

5 Krimskiy proezd, Saratov city, 410017
Post address: P.O.B. 4513, Saratov city,410056
Multi-line phone: (8452) 39-08-39

LLC Logistic Group Additional offices

45 Lva Kassilya str., Engels city,Saratov region, 413118
tel: +7(8453) 53-07-33; 53-07-55

58 Stepnaya street, Engels city, Saratov region, 413118
tel: : +7(8453) 55-66-55; 54-31-79

14 Lobacheva str., office 23, Podolsk city, Moscow region,142116
tel: +7(495) 211-39-51; +7 (915) 364-43-98

Rostov-na-Donu city
tel: +7-918-504-30-18; +7-906-150-55-26/p>

Apply to us today:

  • You will receive free technical consultings.
  • You will get free on-site specialist visit for measuring and сreation of rough plan of premise warehouse or archive design-project.
  • You will receive individual conditions for cooperation.
  • You will be confident in the quality of the production and rendered services.
  • You will receive the proper solution for maximum use of premise volume and area.
  • You will find a reliable business partner who will accomplish the full range of services:
    rom project development to delivery and assembling of storage rack systems, furniture and quick erected buildings.

LLC Logistic Group invite you to long-term and planned cooperation!